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Ravenel Commercial Properties provides comprehensive brokerage, property management, consulting, and development services for clients across the Southeast, with a focus on the Charleston area. We have the capability and expertise to work with clients of any size, taking a professional approach to meet the identified goals and consistently exceed expectations.


We take a very client-centric approach with each of our brokerage engagements. After fully understanding the priorities of our clients, we meticulously evaluate options on the market when representing buyers and tenants. Assessing market conditions and property assets, we identify favorable positioning when working with sellers and landlords. We productively negotiate on behalf of our clients to facilitate a truly value-optimized transaction.

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Our parent company Ravenel Associates has considerable experience in property management, with a portfolio that includes over 90 residential communities, multi-family developments, and a substantial commercial property division. We deliver long-term value to our clients by optimizing rental rates, reducing tenant turnover, and providing analysis for property upgrades that strategically improve valuation.

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As experts in the Charleston market with decades of experience in commercial transactions and asset management, our team is often integrated in a consulting capacity to formulate buy-sell decisions and shape long-term portfolio strategies for investors. Evaluating development and redevelopment options, we offer guidance to appropriately manage risk for our clients. Assessing lease agreements, asset utilization options, and market positioning, we work with property owners to consistently improve returns.

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The commercial development process is complex, multi-faceted, and formidable without the proper management team at the helm. We work directly with each stakeholder throughout the process to properly coordinate planning activities with construction oversight and effective resource management. With experience spanning development projects in multiple sectors, we assist our clients in overcoming challenges and managing costs so that the development is completed on time and on budget.

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